Barefoot Training Summit Presenter Spotlight – Richard Scrivener, Animal Flow®

ScrivenerProfilePicAs EBFA prepares for our first ever Barefoot Training Summit coming to INDIA this March 2015, we wanted to take a few minutes to speak to our amazing presenters!

In this week’s Presenter Spotlight we sit down with Animal Flow® Master Instructor Richard Scrivener of London, U.K.

Thank you for joining us Richard.   Can you please tell us how you got started with Animal Flow®? 

I first started taking Capoeira classes a couple years back because I knew I needed to step out of my comfort zone and really work on my weaknesses.  As a result I began to reflect on the training I was doing at the time which was largely a mix of weightlifting, kettlebell work and traditional strength training.

I knew there must have been other complimentary disciplines out there which could magnify the results from my existing programme and so I started to trawl the internet! I stumbled across Mike Fitch and his body-weight discipline Animal Flow®. That was it, I was hooked!

That’s great!   I agree that body weight movements define an individual’s strength in a way that traditional weight lifting cannot.   So what are your favorite aspects of Animal Flow® and the exercises of this method? 

Animal Flow® truly offers holistic physical development from improved mobility and fluidity to strength and power. Moreover Animal Flow® is fun and addictive!   When working with my athletes and personal training clients there are many exercises and movements from the different components of Animal Flow® which I can pick and choose from and which enhance the results these guys achieve!

Furthermore, anybody can get stuck in and enjoy an Animal Flow® workout. It really doesn’t take long to pick up the basics, but, not unlike many movement disciplines, there are many progressions and perfections to strive for which will keep you training hard for months and years to come!

Love it!   So we are very excited to be bringing Animal Flow® and you to the India Barefoot Training Summit in March. What can attendees expect from your sessions?

I can’t wait to come to India and share what Animal Flow® has to offer.  Nobody owns ‘movement’, but Animal Flow® provides a unique way of organizing it.  I’m going to show attendees just how much fun they can have whilst tapping back into their potential to activate, stimulate and integrate their bodies.

Not only will they walk away with some great, take-home practical ideas but they will also understand how and why Animal Flow® improves so many physical capabilities.

Finally, because the theme of the Barefoot Training Summit is “barefoot beyond running” – can you tell readers how you are barefoot strong?

I’m an ambassador/sponsored athlete and certified coach with Vivo Barefoot, and of course, an Animal Flow® Master Instructor.  Considering that we are connected to this planet via our feet and our feet provide an immense amount of proprioceptive feedback to our brains, it’s well worth enhancing and optimizing this relationship.

Well said!   We look forward to seeing you in a few weeks at the upcoming India Barefoot Training Summit!    If you are curious to learn more about Animal Flow® check out the below video and see this method in action!

Join Richard Scrivener at the India Barefoot Training Summit this 13 – 15, March, 2015

Friday 13, March 2015  |   930am – 1045am  |   Animal Flow® Workout

Saturday 14, March 2015  |  230pm – 345pm   |  Benefits of Quadrupedal Movement

Sunday 15, March – Monday 16, March, 2015 |   9am – 2pm  |   Animal Flow® Instructor Certification

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